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Victim: Attackers threaten to set fire on us for not fasting

CAN UĞUR / @canugur1987

A group of Islamists stormed a record store in Cihangir, İstanbul on Friday and attacked fans of a British pop band Radiohead, gathered for a record-listening event, claiming that they were "drinking alcohol during Ramadan”.

Bülent is one of the victims. He was hit and wounded on his head during the attack. “While we were listening the new record, suddenly a large group of people came down yelling, swearing and insulting us. We could not even guess what was about to happen, then the attack started. They beat us up.”

“When they stormed in, a man with a white t-shirt attacked all of us and all of these were recorded” he says. After that, the attackers threaten them with those exact words: “We’ll set the store and you on fire. Aren’t you ashamed drinking alcohol and not fasting during the Ramadan?”

After the medical treatment and getting sititches to his head, Bülent is in a good condition but certainly concerned: “We are arranging our lives according to those who attacks us, for some time now. The more we step back the more they get on us.”

“I don’t know how far it may go?” he asks.

Police pressure on protesters

The tension escalated on Saturday, after hundreds of people gathered to protest Friday’s attack in Cihangir. Police tried to disperse peaceful demonstrators firing rubber bullet, tear gas and using water cannons. But continued in their peaceful demonstrations. Some demonstrators were wounded and some were taken into custody.

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