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Reactions to the ‘advised extension’ of state of emergency: MHP

As the advisory decision of the National Security Council to extend state of emergency for 3 more months has been announced, CHP and HDP representatives expressed their reactions to it, while MHP leader shared their views in support of all decisions in this regard. On the other hand, speaking at the 27th Meeting of the Village Headmen, held at the Presidential Palace yesterday (September 29), President Erdoğan also touched on the decision and added that ‘it could even be extended to 12 months, if necessary’.

Yasemin Öney Cankurtaran from CHP: ‘AKP doesn’t want to leave its stick of OHAL’

CHP Deputy Chair Yasemin Öney Cankurtaran said in her written statement that AKP has ‘disabled the Parliament with the statutory decrees passed under state of emergency, adding: “Just yesterday, it was reported that venues serving alcoholic drinks in Yozgat have been shut-down in reference to the state of emergency. Also on the same day, many TV channels, most of which are known for their voices in opposition, have been closed down without a reason… There is a virtual regime of OHAL (state of emergency) in the country. AKP does not want to leave its stick of OHAL in order to use it to hit on the heads of the opposition forces whenever it wants to.”

According to the reports of ANKA, Cankurtaran also emphasized that AKP could be using all sorts of excuses, especially the ‘alleged possibility of a second coup attempt’. Cankurtaran continued: “These kinds of claims can be brought up in order to create the ground for the extension of state of emergency. We should not get surprised if similar assertions are made every three months, in order for the state of emergency to be extended.”

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İdris Baluken from HDP: ‘AKP is trying to turn OHAL into a tool for its dictatorship’

Commenting on the recently announced ‘advisory decision’ of the National Security Council to extent state of emergency, HDP Parliamentarian Group Leader İdris Baluken said AKP and Erdoğan has been trying to impose the ‘presidential system’ on the people ‘behind the mask of OHAL’.

According to Evrensel newspaper's reports, Baluken gave the following statements: “Yesterday, a an advisory decision was made at the National Security Council for the extension of state of emergency. This is really not an advice! Turkey’s fundamental policies are being shaped at National Security Council. The Council of Ministers has been turned into just an ‘aide’ under the National Security Council. AKP used to brag about having lifted the previous state of emergency. It used to hang posters on billboards that read ‘OHAL has been lifted; oppression has been done with; I live freely in my village.’ Today, AKP not only has brought OHAL to the country, it has also been trying to use it as a tool arbitrarily for a dictatorship regime.”

MHP Chair Devlet Bahçeli: ‘We give full-support!’

Giving statements with regards to the current state of affairs, MHP Chair Devlet Bahçeli also shared his and his party’s views about the plans of the AKP government and Erdoğan to extend the state of emergency and said they are ‘in full-support of the Yenikapı spirit.’

Further comments of Bahçeli included the following remarks: “There is nobody left that has not been deceived by the FETÖ members. FETÖ is a gang of betrayers who had been trained specially for the invasion of Anatolia. And, what had happened in July 15 is exactly the result! Those attempting a second coup must firstly step over our dead bodies. Our support to the spirit of Yenikapı is out of question. We are in full-support!”


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