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Reactions of CHP and HDP to suspension of 11K teachers: ‘It is

Ministry of Education has suspended 11,285 teachers based on the claims of their ‘activities appearing to be in support of the separatist terrorist organization (PKK)’. While this number is expected to reach around 14,000, Unions and political parties have reacted to it strongly.

Ministry of Education has suspended 11,285 teachers based on the claims of their ‘activities appearing to be in support of the separatist terrorist organization (PKK) and their affiliates’. The number of these teachers, who have been suspended in scope of investigations run under the coordination of city governor’s offices, is expected to increase up to 14,000.

The text sent by the Ministry to the related offices of provinces, which asked for an immediate action to be taken, includes the following remarks: “It has been determined that the personnel whose names and last names are written down in the additional list, and, who is on duty in your city under our Ministry, have been carrying out activities in support of the terrorist organization (PKK) by attending demonstrations in order to disrupt the national security operations of the security forces against the separatist terrorist organization, the curfews declared in some cities, and certain other precaution measures; and, in order to interfere with the exercise of right to education.

As these actions of the personnel have been determined to be in breach of the articles 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 of the Civil Servants Act (No. 657), continuation of duty of the personnel who had attended or supported such demonstrations has been rendered as damaging in reference to the decisions of the statutory decree passed on July 23, in regards to the precautions to be taken under state of emergency; and, these employees have been suspended from their positions in reference of 137th article of the same Act.”

Prime Minister Yıldırım had mentioned it in his speech given in Diyarbakır

During his recent visit to Diyarbakır, PM Yıldırım had mentioned an investigation into the connections of teachers in the region – eastern and southeastern Turkey – with PKK and said: “It is estimated that about 14,000 teachers in this region have connections to terror. However, it will be revealed through interrogations and investigations how many of them are directly connected and how many of them are not. Schools are opening after Eid. We have talked to our Ministry of Education officials; all of the teachers who are found suspicious and about whom the necessary findings are completed will be suspended and will not be on duty in the new academic term as a precaution. Instead, we are going to send new teachers here.”

These statements of the PM had also received reactions and objections from both Unions and political parties in opposition.

Opposition parties CHP and HDP: ‘This is unacceptable!’

Opposition parties CHP and HDP have reacted against the recent suspension of thousands of teachers. Sharing their objections with BirGün, CHP and HDP representatives have emphasized that this decision, which is going to impact lives of thousands of people and which is based merely on whistle blowing, claims, and suspicions – without any solid evidence -, is unacceptable.

CHP Deputy Chair Zeynep Altıok Akatlı: “This is a decision that is going to impact lives, future, and destiny of thousands of people without any interrogation and fair trials... If there are any teachers whose connection to terror has been determined, of course, that should be referred to legal process with solid evidence. However, it cannot be accepted that this is based on mere claims and whistle blowing... As a continuation of years long wrong policies, Turkey is now faced with a civil coup that will take the country backwards. As CHP, we are going to litigate all of these unlawful decisions at courts.”

HDP MP and Member of Parliament’s Education Commission İbrahim Ayhan: “These suspensions are political; and, they are carried out with a ‘coup mindset.’ We do not find it right for teachers to be suspended, in an illegal manner, because of their political stand. We are going to stand against these suspensions until there are fair and legal interrogations are at place.”


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