28 Ağustos 2016 Pazar 20:43
Minister Özhaseki: ‘We saved 142 parcels of land from the hands

Minister of Environment and Urban Planning Mehmet Özhaseki has made statements on the seizing of properties of FETÖ members.

According to the written statement released by AKP Kayseri Provincial Presidency, Minister Özhaseki gave a speech at a meeting held with the representatives of civil society institutions in Kayseri. At the meeting that was closed to press, parts of the speech of the Minister included the following remarks:

“I said to my friends at land registry department that they should call all friends in the registry offices and order them to search; that these people (FETÖ affiliates) could have filed the land registries at a particular illegal place. I gave this order as a Minister; for them to not hand over any land title of people that they were suspicious of. I told them to report these kinds of people to police and prosecutors and to take note of them. And, then, I asked them about ‘how much of land they were able to rescue with such notices in the past few days’. They said that we have saved 142 parcels of land. And, this is aside from the previous ones that have been known and announced. And, among them, one land is worth of 200 million dollars worth...Thanks to God that we walk around and tell people of our services with comfort. We sit on the streets and talk to people about what things we are going to do. And, people tell us ‘For the sake of God, don’t leave again. Keep this safety as it is but we have wounds; please, heal them, too.’ It’s true, there had been clashes; their houses have been destroyed and they have become miserable. Now, while the State has slapped the anarchists with its strength, it is also opening its arms to the innocent and the needy people there, at the same time. Their plans have been completely outed. The plan is out but now there are new plans. These plans never end. What we need to do is – it is so classic, I know but – to become one, to get solid, and, then, to unit under our own values.”


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