26 Haziran 2016 Pazar 18:23
HAZİRAN Turkey Council assembled: End to the dictate

Over 500 delegates from nearly 150 councils of HAZİRAN (June) movement gathered in Ankara at the Ahmet Taner Kışlalı Sports Complex today to discuss the methods of fighting with the most compelling problems of Turkey.

Taking its name from the month of June when the Gezi protests had peaked, HAZİRAN movement was formed after these protests by a wide group of people coming from various kinds of social and political backgrounds, both as organized groups and as individuals, with the goal to create a dynamic for ending the current dictate and striving to come up with effective solutions to the pressing issues facing Turkey today.

The decisions reached at the end of the meeting and the new Board members who will be coordinating the activities until next year’s council are to be announced by HAZİRAN soon.

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